These were done in  2014 and 2015: Hebrew and Arabic letters on the same page.

Judaism and Islam, Abrahamic religions, have much in common.  We both have ancient oral and written codes of law. Most interesting to me, we both have proscriptions against graven images, but uphold words as beautiful, immerse ourselves in our texts, the power of language.

Arabic and Hebrew, Semitic languages: their histories are interwoven. Now, as conflict stresses the ties between Jews and Muslims, I hope for a better understanding, a sharing of legacies. I am inspired by efforts to find a common ground through the arts, for example, Daniel Barenboim's Divan Orchestra, a Seville-based group of young Arab and Israeli musicians.

These were exhibited, along with sculptures by Jaeok Lee, at Fountain Street Fine Art,  June,  2015. The title of the exhibit was: Traditions in Translation: Two Artists Explore Their Legacies.