I began this series in 2017.  I use fluid ink-like acrylics on wooden panels. I start with one long continuous line that doesn't ever cross itself. The resulting shape deviates from a spiral, becoming something like a psychedelic maze or labyrinth. Then I juxtapose that shape with something else: a silvery moon, translucent balls of primary colors, a swath of red.

 I can't help but compare these to my previous work of letters in different languages, which for some years has defined my identity as a Jewish artist who is frustrated about the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. Those paintings were symbols of coexistence.

Now I am shifting my view from the Middle East, away from the colors and cultures of that region. Now I'm experimenting, renewing my media, allowing a new subject to show itself. And what emerges looks to me both more personal and more universal at the same time. Some of the images look like the inside of the human body, the guts.  But, somehow these shapes also express something outside of the self.. They resonate with my hope for unity,  love of life, fear for our planet. They express my yearning for repair.

These will be in “Unspooled” at Fountain Street in June, 2019, a  show with the gorgeous sculptures of Sylvia Vander Sluis.